2018 Nissan NV1500-SV-Cargo Van-4.0L V6, 12 ton, pw, pl, cc, tw, ac, ABS, airbags, pmirrors, steering wheel audio controls, amfmCD, aux. input, USB, Bluetooth, Satellite, sliding side rear cargo doors wo windows, shelves, divider wall, floor mat, ladder racks, back-up camera, back-up sensors, traction control, 8,550lb. GVWR, 4 new tires. Remainder of factory 5yr100,000 mile bumper to bumper war...
IAA Stock #: 24973414 Actual Cash Value: estimated retail value of the vehicle before damage. The estimate is provided by the seller. This information is presented for informational purposes only. SalvageBid makes no representations as to the validity or accuracy of the listed value. Retail automobile values may be obtained from Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com) and many other sources online."> $22,15...
Year: 1995, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Caprice, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000000146
Year: 1973, Make: Mercedes-Benz, Model: 450SL, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000000181
Year: 1940, Make: DeSoto, Model: Convertible, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000185
Year: 1936, Make: Chevrolet, Model: 1 Ton Truck, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000088
Year: 1941, Make: Graham, Model: Hollywood, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000000013
Year: 1937, Make: Ford, Model: Humpback, Mileage: 0, VIN: 000000000000010
Year: 1968, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Corvette, Mileage: 0, VIN: 000000000177
Year: 1953, Make: Chevrolet, Model: 3100, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000000202

1986 GMC Jimmy

Year: 1986, Make: GMC, Model: Jimmy, Mileage: 0, VIN: 000000000204
Year: 1947, Make: Ford, Model: Super Deluxe, Mileage: 0, VIN: 00000000000000210
Year: 1950, Make: Ford, Model: Custom Deluxe, Mileage: 0, VIN: 00000000000000211
Year: 1934, Make: Ford, Model: Victoria, Mileage: 0, VIN: 000000000000191
Year: 1934, Make: Chevrolet, Model: Sedan, Mileage: 0, VIN: 00000000000110
Year: 1996, Make: Cadillac, Model: Eldorado, Mileage: 0, VIN: 0000000000000111
Year: 1975, Make: Chevrolet, Model: El Camino, Mileage: 0, VIN: 00000000000114