Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Lowell, NC

125 gallon fish tank. Stands 5 ft 4 in tall, 6 ft long and 19 in out from the wall. Includes tank, stand and canopy. Also included: new $300 protein skimmer, new $400 LED multi-setting light system, 10+ pieces of large live rock, charcoal filter, about a dozen washable filters, 2 power heads, mature refugium tank, all the nets, scrapers and measuring tools we have. This is a beautiful tank that...
Corner shape. Must come pick up

Fish tank

30 gallon. Two. Ten gallon. Need to sell all together
ic small dog who would be nice for agility. Looking for a running partner or a dog for competitions? She would be cute. Guppy is often smiling and seeks attention. When not excersising, she loves sleeping under the covers.
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